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All potential new clients are required to complete this form prior to meeting with any attorney or representative of Rodriguez Legal, PLLC.


We require completion and submission of this form prior to meeting to avoid any potential conflict of interest situation related to your current legal matter and one of our past or current clients. 

The scope and nature of the information requested in this form is narrow and generally not considered confidential. For example, you will not be required to provide specific details about your current legal matter. We do, however, ask that you provide limited general information about your legal matter such as the type of legal matter, the names of the parties or potential parties, etc. 

By completing and submitting this questionnaire, however, you are NOT creating an attorney-client relationship with Rodriguez Legal, PLLC. The only way to establish an attorney-client relationship with Rodriguez Legal, is to enter into a formal written contract with Rodriguez Legal, PLLC (Rodriguez Legal, PLLC Engagement Agreement). 

After you complete and submit this questionnaire to Rodriguez Legal, PLLC, we will then review the information provided to determine whether a conflict of interest exist or may exist. If there is no risk of a conflict of interest, we will contact you to schedule a time for you to meet with our attorney--Rafael C. Rodriguez--where you will then have an opportunity to provide us with specific details about your legal matter. If we determine that we cannot meet with or represent you for any reason, we may notify you of that determination via the email address you provide in this questionnaire. 

We appreciate your consideration of our law firm. Thank you for contacting Rodriguez Legal.  Please complete and submit the Conflict Check Questionnaire below to determine your eligibility to become a client of Rodriguez Legal. 

Conflict Check Questionnaire 
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