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Refund Policy

Rodriguez Legal, PLLC Refund Policy

Many prospective clients hiring an attorney for the first time do not understand how legal fees are paid, retained, earned, returned, and refunded. This confusion leads to unnecessary animosity between attorney and client. This animosity can be avoided if the relationship is clearly explained at the onset.

Rodriguez Legal, PLLC is committed to a high level of client service, including clearly communicating the costs of its representation and payment process for its fees.

Engaging Rodriguez Legal, PLLC

Clients hire Rodriguez Legal, PLLC pursuant to a written and signed Rodriguez Legal, PLLC Engagement Agreement (i.e., a CONTRACT).  This means that Rodriguez Legal, PLLC is paid in advance of its service. The actual amount paid in advance depends on the service to be provided and the circumstances the client is presently facing (e.g., the client is in an emergency situation and needs to hire an attorney fast.

No Refund Policy

Oftentimes, Rodriguez Legal clients pay the agreed flat fee in installments. In that situation, almost always the initial installment is earned at the time it is paid and will not be refunded to the client under any circumstance. To the extent Rodriguez Legal, PLLC voluntarily, in its sole and absolute discretion, decides to issue a client a refund, all refunds will be paid in cash and on a date and at a time within Rodriguez Legal, PLLC's sole discretion.


If the flat fee is paid in full, Rodriguez Legal earns most of the fee upon working on a client’s matter. The fees will accrue at different rates depending on who is performing the service—an attorney or a non-attorney—or for costs that accrue in servicing the client (e.g. filing fees, research fees, mileage, etc.).

If you have any questions concerning the foregoing or fees paid or due under your Rodriguez Legal, PLLC Engagement Agreement, please call us to schedule a time to speak with one of our team members.

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