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Here's what it means... 

When someone in Texas loses their life because of the "wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness or default" of another person, company or employer, the Texas Wrongful Death Act gives the victim's surviving loved ones the right to file suit and recover money damages for the painful harm they endure. 

The Texas Wrongful Death Act, however, gives those of us who have lost a loved one the right and ability to hold wrongdoers accountable.


At Rodriguez Legal, therefore, we take great pride in helping our clients recover as much as possible so that they can begin to honor their loved ones and begin the long journey that lies ahead in the best possible condition.

At Rodriguez Legal, we are intimately familiar with the impact that the wrongful death of a loved one can have, and we understand that no amount of money damages will bring our lost loved ones back.

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